Insetting in supply chain emissions
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Addressing Scope 3: How insetting can be scaled to tackle supply chain emissions

Published: 22 Nov 2023

Last Updated: 15 May 2024

Insetting is discussed frequently as a solution for companies to mitigate emissions within their supply chain and address biodiversity and nature loss, though to date the practice is relatively ill-defined and there is no widely agreed-upon framework and clear pathways for how organisations should approach insetting projects.

Abatable and the International Platform for Insetting (IPI) have sought to provide clarity on the way forward by publishing this report, which is based on 20 qualitative interviews with project developers and broader industry stakeholders on insetting and the practice’s associated opportunities and challenges.

About the report

The report conveys the opportunities and challenges project developers see with insetting today, with the aim of focusing the conversation and providing useful feedback to organisations actively working on defining insetting and its associated rules.

It poses six key questions that need to be resolved to accelerate action and enable the practice to scale:

  1. What is insetting?
  2. In a world of imperfect traceability, where do the boundaries of the ‘in-value chain’ lie and what are credible claims?
  3. What does ‘high integrity’ look like for insetting?
  4. How much does insetting cost?
  5. What is the role of policy and regulation in insetting?
  6. How ready are corporates to engage with insetting?

insetting terminology

You can explore these questions by downloading the report below.

About Abatable and the IPI

Abatable is a leading provider of end-to-end carbon market solutions. Our technology platform connects companies and climate investors to the largest network of climate projects across the globe. Through this and our market intelligence suite we aim to help every organisation build a thriving future for climate, nature and people.

The International Platform for Insetting (IPI) is a collaborative membership organisation for businesses implementing insetting projects that achieve positive impacts for the environment and communities along their value chains. Its purpose is to support businesses with implementing effective and scalable nature-based solutions through insetting, enabling them to set and achieve ambitious climate goals, build resilient and regenerative business models, and reverse the loss of nature within and beyond their value chains.

Download the report