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Understand the market with real pricing intel

Explore pricing comparables by project type and filter to get the information to support your due diligence

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Carbon registry information enriched with primary transactional data 

Unique data

Filter and display over 36,000 data points on historical trades or offers to understand pricing trends by project type, region, vintage and volume

Forward curves

Access real forward pricing curves, allowing you to benchmark and strategise

A fresh look at vintages

View how the market has valued different vintages over time to understand how the price of aging vintages may evolve in the future

Comprehensive pricing insights for the VCM

Prices by project type

Filter and display project pricing data to view pricing comparables by region, vintage, volume, trade type and transaction date.

Historic prices

Go back in time and view historic prices by region, vintage, volume, trade type and transaction date.

Forward price curves

Explore prices quoted or traded for forward purchases, by project type, region, registry, transaction date and volume.

Vintage trends

Compare the median prices for different vintages over time, with prices aggregated by quarter.

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supply insights

Track funding and issuance data for more than 3,000 developers and understand future credit supply.

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Integrity analysis

Navigate methodology complexities with easy-to-digest reviews and deep dives

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