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Navigate carbon market policy uncertainty

Understand and minimise national policy risk in your carbon strategies

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Carbon market policy assessments powered by our technical know-how and local expert insights

Clear, transparent methodology

Access in-depth risk and opportunity analyses created using our proprietary policy framework

Country-level comparisons

Easily compare country policy risk profiles tailored for the carbon market to make informed investment decisions. See where policy is currently, and where it’s going

Local expertise with a global lens

Policy profiles are enhanced by consultations with local lawyers, developers and policymakers

Tap into the leading source of carbon market policy insights

Standardised policy risk and opportunity assessments

Detailed assessments and risk mitigation recommendations for the policy profiles of carbon project host countries. Insights that are backed up by interviews with local project developers, lawyers and policymakers.

Key market statistics

Supply and demand trends combined with project-type insights, powered by the Abatable database of 2000+ project developers.

Carbon market readiness

Tracking of Article 6 operationalisation, Nationally Determined Contribution coverage and forestry initiatives such as REDD+ jurisdictional nesting.

News, key events and alerts

Timeline of key policy events, news and upcoming significant developments. Sign up for country-level alerts for key events and risk assessment changes.

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Keep in the loop on market intelligence solutions to answer the most critical questions in the carbon market, powered by Abatable’s technology, proprietary data and technical expertise.

Supply Insights

Track funding and issuance data for more than 3,000 developers and understand future credit supply.

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Integrity Analysis

Navigate methodology complexities with easy-to-digest reviews and deep dives

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Move beyond
policy uncertainty

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